Why does your Air Conditioner stop working in the middle of summer (or winter)?

Don’t sweat out the summer
October 24, 2016
Servicing AFA Air
Do I Need To Get My Air Conditioner Serviced?
January 1, 2023

Many home owners haven’t been told or do not understand about the need to service their Air Conditioning System yearly.

Regular cleaning of the return air filter is one of the most forgotten issues that cause air conditioning systems to struggle during peak times.

As with any mechanical item like your motor car, servicing your air conditioner every 12 months will help to ensure you are getting the most from your system and it may help to find any issues that could go on to become serious and costly to repair.

Poorly serviced air conditioning Adelaide systems have a habit of breaking down at the worst time possible, like the middle of summer (or winter). Getting hold of a service technician during this peak time can take weeks and cost you a small fortune.

So what is the Solution?

Ensure your system receives a yearly service by a qualified technician. This can be hard to remember to do, a service contract with a reputable company can ensure you don’t miss services and then struggle to find a service technician available during peak times of summer or winter.

Ok so who can help me?

AFA Air offers the first 12 month service free with every 5 year fixed price service contract. Customers that have our 5 year fixed price service contract are always a priority should any problems occur.

We will also replace your DNA return air filter to ensure your home has fresh clean air all year round and your air conditioner works at its optimum performance