Domestic Air Conditioner Repair or Replace – What’s Your Best Option?

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Adelaide summers can be tough on your air conditioning units as they perform day after day and get pushed to their limits. An air conditioning unit that receives regular well-earned service will be able to survive the summer season, while others that are neglected and aged can succumb to the pressure. If your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a 38-degree heatwave, you would do anything to get it repaired and working again. Did you know that sometimes repairing your broken air conditioner can cost you the same as installing a new unit? In this blog, we are sharing some expert tips and discussing whether repair or replacement is the best option for your situation. 

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

When moving parts of an air conditioner wear out it can cause it to stop working properly. Follow these signs to determine that something is wrong and your air conditioner and it needs repairing. 

·       Not cooling or heating the home like usual: This is a common cause for calling an experienced air conditioner repairer who can professionally check for low refrigerant levels, damaged or worn-out compressors, valves, coils, and filters for any airflow obstruction. 

·       Strange noises and smells from the air-conditioner: If your air conditioner is making strange noises, and if you can hear anything unusual, it is a sure sign of something wrong with the unit. Air conditioners should operate silently, and any sudden noises should not be ignored. Similarly, any strange smells from the air conditioning unit point to mouldy filter pads or more serious issues like damaged insulation causing bad smells. Do not let this unpleasant smell contaminate your home, call an expert air conditioning technician soon. 

·       Power bill going up: An overworked or faulty air conditioner usually leads to a sharp increase in your electricity bills. A faulty and sluggish unit won’t heat or cool the house as it should and consume more energy without doing its job properly. An old unit can also lead to a surge in your energy bills. Keep an eye out and get all working parts examined and repaired in time. 

Repair or replace your air conditioning unit?

The decision to repair or replace comes down to the price of getting the fault fixed by a professional. It is hard to estimate repair prices without examining the unit, therefore, for an exact quote to get your home air conditioner working again contact the experts AFA Air – we can walk you through the process and pricing so that you can decide on the final decision to replace or repair with confidence. 

Choose Adelaide’s experts in air conditioning 

A great place to start would be to contact a company that carries out maintenance services, repairs broken-down units, and also conducts replacements and new installations. Sometimes a malfunctioning air conditioner needs only a minor repair job, and a professional technician would be able to get your unit up and running. At AFA Air, we can dispatch our air conditioning technician to your home to have a good look and carry out efficient air con repairs. If the best option is to replace your existing unit, you would get expert advice on how different air conditioning systems operate and which is best suited to your home.

Get Your Air Conditioner in the Best Shape – Schedule Your Repair Today

When in doubt, always call AFA Air, your air conditioner service Adelaide expert for checks, maintenance, and repairs. We have been expertly servicing air conditioning systems for over 4 decades and have an excellent in-house team of air conditioning technicians who can easily design a customised maintenance program to take care of your comfort around the year. Don’t let your air conditioner fail when you need it the most. Reach out today and get your system prepped for the hottest or coldest days of the year. We are just a phone call away!