10 Year Carbon Offset

The choice you make for your comfort today

Will impact your childrens climate tomorrow

AFA Air is leading the way by not only having the business itself Carbon Offset but by going a step further and offsetting the Carbon footprint of every air conditioning system we install for 10 Years.

What does this mean?

AFA Air purchase and retire the required number of Voluntary Carbon Units (issued under the Voluntary Carbon Standard Program from Pangolin Associates) for every Ducted and Wall Split Reverse Cycle system we install in South Australia to offset the GHG associated with the daily electricity consumption.

Relax in comfort

You can truly relax in the comfort of your air-conditioned home with the knowledge that with your decision to purchase through AFA Air you are doing your bit for the environment today and for our children's comfort tomorrow.

We endeavor to go the extra mile for our customers. Our passion for premium quality air conditioning systems, cutting-edge system designs and industry leading customer service enables AFA Air to be the premium air conditioning company in Adelaide.