Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

AFA Air specialise in ducted reverse cycle air conditioning (refrigerated) for existing and new homes.

Ducted reverse cycle systems offer incredible levels of comfort while being neatly concealed in your roof space.

AFA Air are a Daikin Specialist Dealer in the Adelaide CBD, our customised systems give you the home owner complete climate control, comfort and energy efficiency for both heating and cooling in Adelaide homes.

Our 35 years of experience will ensure we maximise your comfort while reducing your running costs. AFA Air strive to be at the forefront of innovative air conditioning with the latest technological developments like Daikin VRV multi head systems combined with Ductair Energy Smart flexible duct and fittings.

The Advantages of Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning:

  • The ability to heat and cool your home all year round
  • Cools or heats to the desired temperature you choose - total comfort
  • Works brilliantly in humid weather
  • Almost limitless installation possibilities. Whole home, day/night zoning or zoning all rooms of your home, saving you money on energy running costs
  • Energy efficiency (up to 3 times the heating/cooling output for every kilowatt of electricity used)
  • Quiet and discrete operation

The choice you make for your comfort today

Will impact your childrens climate tomorrow

AFA Air is leading the way by not only having the business itself Carbon Offset but by going a step further and offsetting the Carbon footprint of every air conditioning system we install for 10 Years.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning means you can have total climate control, all year round, at the flick of a switch

How Does Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Work?

When in cooling mode the air conditioning unit works on the same principal as your home refrigerator. When in heating mode the cooling cycle is simply reversed. This is why it is known as reverse cycle air conditioning.

The ducted reverse cycle unit draws air from inside your home, through the filter in the Return Air Grille. The air is then cooled/heated inside the unit and then blown through a series of Flexible Ducting and outlets into the desired area of your house.

As your Flexible Ducting and Fittings represents about 95% of the air-flow surface of your air conditioning system, this means that your ducting is the lifeblood of your system and why AFA Air use Ductair flexible duct and fittings.