What is Air Conditioning Home Automation?

Home automation is a modern-day home essential for a smart home. This automated smart technology enables remote and instant control of temperature at your home. Whether you want to schedule air conditioning settings or activate zoned heating or cooling to keep your home comfortable, our air conditioning automation system provides an effective, efficient, and simple solution that anyone in your home can use. At AFA Air we enable easy installation and adoption of smart technology, so you get to enjoy ultimate convenience at the touch of a button.

Whether it is design, supply, installation, or a repair call out - count on AFA Air for anything air-conditioning! We welcome your inquiry for residential air conditioning purposes and would love to hear from you. Learn more about our services by contacting our friendly air conditioning Adelaide expert team now!


Adopt Smart Technology For Smart Home With AFA Air Home Automation

  • At AFA Air your comfort and convenience are our priority, and we are here for all your air conditioning home automation Adelaide needs. 
  • When it comes to air conditioning, we are Adelaide's experts with superior units and services providing an efficient, high-quality air conditioning solution that keeps your air conditioner running at top performance, all year round. 
  • Our experienced engineers are equipped to supply and install air conditioning home automation Adelaide systems giving you the ultimate comfort and improved lifestyle that you deserve.
  • We have a broad range of clients and a dedicated team of technicians supplying smart automation systems that can be used to reduce energy costs and improve your comfort levels. 
  • Our tailor-made solutions give you the utmost convenience of monitoring and managing all your air conditioning remotely. You can control settings from anywhere - with just the touch of a button.


  • Integrated Technology: Unlock more potential for your air conditioning with smart automation.
  • Enhanced All Year-Round Comfort: We help you make your home comfortable from anywhere.
  • Improved System Efficiency: Optimum comfort for you and higher energy efficiency of your air conditioning unit.
  • Smart Home, Smart Control: Using technology to your advantage easily adjust the temperature in each room.
  • Automation At Its Best: Intuitive, easy-to-use technology from a stylish touch screen or your smartphone.