Extended Warranty

Extend your warranty to 7 years

with Brightside Cover

Brightside Extended Warranty Cover provides you with 2 years extra protection after your air conditioning manufacturer’s warranty expires.

The extended warranty cover is designed to protect for the worst that can happen so you can always look on the bright side.

Icon Repairs


When your product is damaged, we’ll mend it. If it’s beyond repair, we’ll simply replace it.
Icon Surge Protection

Surge Protection

We have a safeguard in place for when your product suffers greatly from electrical interference.
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21 Day Repair Guarantee

It’s a promise we always keep. We’ll have your product back in your hands within 21 days or we will replace it.
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Wear & Tear

All products can be affected by wear and tear but don’t worry, you’re covered.
Icon Transferrable

Fully Transferable

This is a real bonus. You can transfer your cover to the new owner at the sale of your home.